How it Works

Insight into our trading

We have combined several independent strategies into a trading system, helping guide traders into a discipline. This structure can help clarify a traders market window and concentrate on a specific set of currency pairs, rules and parameters before placing a trade. When traders can identify market conditions and have a system to deploy, confidence grows. Then accounts grow.

Our priority is teaching traders reliable strategies to trade in various market conditions and scenarios. While no strategy of ours will return zero loss, application of a system can produce consistent returns. With careful examination of risk tolerance, these strategies have been priced to meet the criteria of various trading objectives.

The strategies we trade, as with any strategy will contain risk. We encourage traders to exercise proper equity management and or consult a CTA or investment advisor before trading any instruments they are unfamiliar with. Our combined strategies can be viewed at or individually under the performance tab.

Basket Trading

Basket trading provides a trader less screen time on charts. A Basket is an alignment of currencies that signal a shift in direction. We target a percentage of the Daily Trading Range, per currency, based on a Fibonacci retracement level and it’s corresponding extension. Baskets do not set up every day, but a setup can be estimated with the use of a Relative Strength Indicator otherwise known as an RSI. Properly executing a basket yields a trader larger pip accumulations due to entering the market trading multiple currencies based on strategic levels and the energy coming into a currency and the corresponding crosses at or around the same time.

Fundamental Announcements

Fundamental Announcements are calendar events a trader can plan to trade. While all announcements do not warrant a trade, FA’s offer exceptional capital preservation by not being exposed in the markets but for a short period of time while capitalizing on the volatility of a news event when properly executed. We typically train and trade the volatile announcements as they offer quicker profit potential in faster moving markets.

Sentiment and DS

Sentiment Trading is a combination of indicators giving insight into liquidity of consumers and providers and the subsequent transaction flow. Effective when a trader wants to enter the market buying or selling in a confirmed direction and can be useful to a contrarian trader looking to capitalize on trading bias. We trade these indicators in flow direction, providing specific levels to which a trader should enter the markets. This strategy can help a trader identify a currency strength and opportune levels of potential reversals. Entering at or around a reversal level are higher percentage winning trades and offer exceptional risk to reward relationships.


Your trade control panel. Where you access and adjust your positioning and your trade connectivity.


The delivery software that processes the trade signals.

Risk Management

Six user controlled positioning options ranging from proportions to percentages.

Game Plan

The currency crosses in focus for the next trading cycle with listed Daily Trading Ranges

Frequently Asked Questions About How It Works

MyFXBook shows more systems. Are those systems availabe?
Yes. The current package structure offers 3 systems. You can contact support if you would like to trade additional systems from MyFXBook.
Who determines positioning?
You. The user has complete and exclusive control of equity management. Please see the information contained within your Dashboard manual to set your positioning.
Will new systems be implemented?
Yes. When market conditions shift, we will make strategy changes. You will be notified of any strategy adjustments before changes are made within your subscription system.
How do I access Twitter notifications?
Navigate to Twitter, follow and allow notifications from PIPFLIP or click on the Twitter icon in the footer section of any page.

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