The Position

In the world of informational demand traders have been forced to explore algorithm or indicator sets for an edge over high frequency trading as on desk execution transitions from human interaction to platforms and signals. We set out to change that scenario and developed our own proprietary software known as The Dashboard where a rapid order deployment to additional accounts could be attainable for smaller retail trader under direction of a human element. With a Dashboard, a trader may attach symbology, assign account specific risk management and overall exposure from one common interface without a screen array and credential management. We believe a healthy combination of AI and analysis has already arrived. Our goal is to leverage that data and increase market efficiency.

The Pathway

Request A Dashboard

Let us know some basic information to help understand your Dashboard requirements, integration processes, deployment environments and hosting suitability. Our team takes this information and prepares for the initial consultation.

Schedule Consultation

This free, no obligation, 30 minute consultation allows us to gain a deeper understanding of your experience and intentions with the Dashboard and determine if this solution is an agreeable fit for your expectations.

Interactive Demonstration

At this stage we present a 15 minute demonstration of the Dashboard capabilities and features. We address specific implementation with you and your team and if staging is vectored, we set the framework for multiple instances.

Strategy Selection

This is where capital preservation meets execution and defines tolerance. The final step before onboarding your progressions and going live. We assess the strengths of strategies relative to risk tolerance in a short conversation tailored to the end user.

The Process

Creating a dedicated Dashboard partition is part of our onboarding spin up and a recommended practice when any provisioning is outsourced. We only utilize dedicated SSD RAID redundant drives for our server base with a >15ms roundtrip slip mitigation. Outside containers and data lakes can bridge rest API’s to service broker call responses behind the Dashboard while server locations in London and New York parse load peaking during active zones at the respective session open or encompassing a fundamental announcement. Authentication and authorization is managed within the Dashboard rendering no additional API calls beyond the initial instance of SSO. The dashboard processes inbound and outbound trade data at a granular level creating account specific analytics.

Built on Linux

Root level security. Framed Stability. Reliable SQL databases

One Time SSO

AES encrypted password synchronization with MT4

Unique Insight

Personalized positioning and growth curves with P&Ls

We Speak That

Nine onbaord languages with corresponding identifiers

The Progression

Web based access to line item execution analytics. MT4 optimized for any broker, any expert advisor on any platform with 100% guaranteed uptime. Lower latency resulting in improved order execution for accurate fills. Batch file MT4/MT5 auto start at Asia open, on boot or recovery. System wide automatic back ups to offsite data facilities increasing manual file exclusion and loss prevention. Real time growth graphing at accumulation and return levels. G10 currencies and crypto pings standard with spot metal availability when broker enabled

MT4 Compliant

Zero rejected orders on FIFO vilations

Browser Friendly

Works on any device in any browser

Any Trade

Our trade, your trade or a combination of them both. Order managemenrt right in the panel


Receive email notifications directly from the Dashboard or allow push notification from Twitter

We Monitor Every Element In Our Orbit

From API’s to endpoints, CSM to hosting. Trade data and performance, results and ROI. We develop and deploy our own system algorithms, layered and synchronized in the background with account management feeding linear profile based growth charts. And of course we do security.

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