All of our trade strategies come standard with the web based PIPFLIP Dashboard, accessible from any device, anywhere with 24/7 offsite connection monitoring.

User Controlled

You have full control of lot sizing. You can close trades and adjust take profit levels directly from your charts without interfering with the open position.


100% MetaQuotes MT4 TOS compliant with zero risk of banned accounts. Dashboard controlled access with no direct remote connection to MT4 accounts.


H4 through Daily price pockets with emphasis on equal price points for reversal trading and harmonic balancing. This system monitors market voids whereas risk may be lowered based on stop areas opposed to fixed fractals. Structure setups range from consolidation to patterns and do not carry CTS type confirmation. Sentiment and momentum are weighted indications while in formations traded under structure providing confirmation when clear reversal areas are ambiguous.


One of the main motivators in price action and market movement occurs during fundamental data announcements. We trade an entire currency basket at market following a directional confirmation to maximize the return during volatility spikes following a data release. Typically, there is a 300 PIP risk at execution and six market fills within 2 seconds of initial order. Stand alone basket trades are executed when directional alignment conditions appear. The basket’s overall volatility will determine risk.


Our directional swing strategy analyzed on larger time frames and executed following directional confirmation. We widen stop loss orders allowing markets to reverse without unnecessary drawdown closeouts. Typically there is a 500 PIP risk at execution and a pending entry at a clear support/resistance level offering protection should the market slide against the trade direction. The Directional Swing strategy concentrates on the major currency crosses and may have 6 to 8 trades running simultaneously.


An advanced contrarian cost averaging strategy with multiple position building entries requiring exceptional equity management and tolerance. Trading towards confirmed pivot points from larger time frames inside market swings. Typically there is a stop four times the average true range, allowing the market to move and pick up additional entries before fulfilling the pivot price point without unnecessary drawdown closeouts. The average length of holding is inevitably longer than our faster moving strategies as the market will need time to fill multiple price points.

Trade Notifications

Delivered to you in real time on three different platforms keeping you informed of closeouts


Manage all of your preferred notifications from the user portal inside the Dashboard,


Easily allow trade notifications via email as a single notification or in conjunction with another.


Push notifications via Twitter with daily summary of strategy performance.

Each of our receiving strategies are being verified and reported by 3rd party analytic services from MyFXBook.com. We use this data to look deeper into a strategy, past the surface level of profits and losses. This trade tracking tool covers our entire portfolio as individual boxes for strategy specific data used to analyze trade performance and history. The FXBook verification platform provides gain/loss percentages, strike rates, z scores, arithmetic and geometric averages, profit factors and risk of ruin with hourly and daily statistics. The history tab will show trade duration, entry and exit accuracy percentage in line with symbols and their respective pricing. The browser tab will show active chart symbol actions, entry levels, current ticket numbers, pip accumulation, and strategy comments.

Each boxed strategy is verified automatically, updated and reported every 5 minutes during market hours. Data will not refresh during market close. Balances and equity based information will not be accessible to users. Our concentration is on performance and transparency, understanding traders will have different balances and expectations. We want to provide traders with comprehensive and interactive data to better understand trade execution while helping define risk tolerances to meet those expectations.

The track record verification and trading privileges are hosted in live MT4 pass-through accounts. The analytic tool is placed in receivers rather than providers, rendering real-time reporting users will experience per strategy. Boxed strategies as a combined system can be viewed here.

Mobile Execution


Works with your broker

100% MT4LQ compliant. Our dashboard will pass signals to any broker with any symbol suffix.

Designed for Signal Service

Whether you trade Fundamental Announcements or DS, we do the work and you get the results.

Daily Backup

Every trading day our servers are backed up at market rollover, always keeping our trade history and performance up to date.

Trade On

Your trades, our signals or both. Our service can function alongside market orders you place on your platform.

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