A Trading Company

The Financial markets are at our core. Trading, that’s what we do.

Data Driven

Results matter. We measure data in four tiers of performance. Strike rate. Trade length. Risk to reward ratio and entry points.

Forward Thinking

From cloud based charting to social media trade ideas, we’re looking ahead …


Feel confident you have solid support behind you in a manner you find comfortable. Online chat, direct email or a phone call.

Our Story

Helping traders gain confidence in charting and execution.  By separating and simplifying the markets, we can encourage traders to trust a strategy and trade within its disciplines, rendering a comfortable trading experience. We understand trading the Forex markets can be intimidating, but we are here to help you realize the Forex markets are not insurmountable.

  • Client Interaction 80% 80%
  • Strategy Development 60% 60%
  • Signal Delivery 50% 50%
  • Data Analysis 90% 90%
  • Media Sharing 76% 76%


Operations Director

Holding a degree in business management and certification in contracting and acquisitions, Shantay is the driver in marketing and business relations. Her voice in PIPFLIP is in direct relationship to the expansion of programs we develop. Shantay examines business risk and potential, develops and negotiates contracts, integrates contracts with business operations and closes our business deals.



Investor Relations Director

Having operated in the entertainment industry for 13 years helping musicians, athletes and acting talents establish reputable careers, Andre facilitates meetings and business relationships. A passionate spokesman for the youth and their ensuing direction, teaching healthy financial responsibilities is paramount. Armed with the experience of leading a non-profit organization, Andre continues to develop lasting relationships of all ages.



Market Analyst

An active forex trader with a background in options trading. Operating in the currency markets Xavier concentrates on currency crosses with higher daily trading ranges offering accelerated PIP accumulation. Using simple yet effective strategies, our Market Analyst renders calculated equity management and sensible risk/reward ratios. With ten years of active trading experience Xavier’s primary objective is to analyze and trade the markets.

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